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"The average document is photocopied 19 times and the average cost to send a package via courier service is between $18 and $50. Keep waste to a minimum and enjoy the advantages of being as green as possible."

- Paperless Files Inc.




Paperless School Files has been designed from the ground up to provide school districts with state-of-the-art security through every step of its document management and document scanning process. Our company does everything practical to ensure that your documents are safe, kept strictly confidential and are securely available 24/7.

Paperless School Files Security & Privacy Highlights

• Customer accounts, documents and data are password protected, and no one can access that data unless they have been granted permission.

• Paperless School Files performs a comprehensive security check on all employees and tracks every document through the entire system.

• Documents are stored in two physical locations across the US to protect them from natural and other disasters.

• Paperless School Files servers are protected by 24/7 alarm and video monitoring.

• Online systems are audited each day to ensure information is both secure and meets the highest privacy standards.

• All communications with the Paperless School Files website are encrypted with full 256-bit security using AES-256.

• Paperless School Files does not sell or rent your information to third parties .

• On cancellation, your documents are made available to you for download for 30 days before they are purged forever.