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"At any given time up to 15% of an organization’s files are lost or misplaced. The average cost of recreating a document is $180. Annual loses for an organization with one million files is 5 million dollars." (Survey reported in Information Week)"

- Paperless Files Inc.




Virtually all school districts still create and maintain paper files on each of their students. This is hard to believe but it is true! We have created a digital system specifically designed to replace their paper files. No other company currently has a document management system as comprehensive as ours.

This is our digital representation of the typical student’s paper file. The buttons in our document management system are color coded and pre named to match the documents the registrars collect. This makes our system very easy to manage.

The tan buttons indicate that a document is being stored and can be seen with a simple mouse click; blue buttons indicate a storage spot for optional documents and red buttons indicate that a mandatory document is missing.

Uploading documents to our system couldn’t be simpler. It works like this: Place the document you wish to upload on the scanner we provide and click the button on the screen with the same name as the document. That’s it!

With one click our system scans the document, uploads it to the server and turns the button from red to tan. To see the scanned document simply click on the tan button and it opens the document as a PDF ready to be printed, faxed or emailed. Clicking on the “Optional Document” button allows the registrar to name the button to match the document before the scanning and uploading process begins. The red buttons on our system are important because it helps the registrars to immediately see the documents that are missing.

Our document management software is smart and it NEVER FORGETS THAT A DOCUMENT IS MISSING. It generates a missing document report each week and automatically sends text messages to the parent’s cell phone each week asking them to bring the missing documents to the school. If there is no cell phone number on file it will send an email. It will continue to contact each parent until the mandatory documents are delivered to the registrar and uploaded.

Another time consuming duty school registrars are responsible for is pulling documents from student’s file to send to other schools. This is a snap with our system. Registrars simply click on the “Create a PDF Attachment” button, choose the documents from the students file they wish to send and click on the green button. Our system takes all the selected documents and creates a single PDF document that can be faxed, attached, emailed or printed. This all happens from the registrar’s desk. Registrars never have to spend time shuffling through file cabinets. What a time saver.

Typically with other scanning/ document management solutions the registrar has to:

1. Scan the document 4. Find the saved document
2. Name the document 5. Then upload the document
3. Save the document 6. Start the process over for the next document

This is a lot of steps which make it too difficult to scan thousands of documents. Our unique solution to this problem was to name the buttons in our system the same names as the documents the school registrar has to scan. Now when the registrar is in a student’s online file and wishes to upload their immunization record, she simply places the document on the scanner and clicks on the “Immunization Record” button. This simple click automatically starts the printer, names the document, uploads the document and changes the color of the button from red to tan. It does all this with one click! This saves a lot of time.